There is no fee to use the CG Pro Prints Integrations API. We only charge for orders that are created and shipped.

At this time, we offer two methods that you can submit orders to CG Pro Prints:

1. You can connect to the CG Pro Prints Integrations API. This option will require a programmer.

2. You may submit orders directly through this site (via your dashboard) for fulfillment. In order to do this, you must format your images according to our image file specifications.
Image File Specs:

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Framed Canvas Gallery Wraps

Gallery Minis

Giclée Prints

Rolled Canvas

Repositionable Clings

Holiday Memento Ornaments

We are working diligently on creating additional options to make it easier for you to order from us! Sign up today and we’ll notify you as we add new plugins and SDKs to use for your integration.

We don’t assume any responsibility for copyrighted designs sent to us to be printed. By submitting a design, you warrant that you are authorized to manufacture products with the design.
It takes three business days to produce and ship your order. If your order is received before 5:00pm MST, that day counts as day zero. For example, if your order is received before 5:00pm MST on Monday, your order will ship on Thursday. Orders placed after 5:00pm on Friday and over the weekend will be considered received on Monday.
At this time, we require you to pass the image URL for every image with the order line. If you have a limited library of images (less than 50 images), please contact us for information on how we may be able to host your images on your behalf.
All orders that ship via UPS have full tracking available. Gallery Minis and Holiday Memento ornaments that ship via USPS have limited tracking. You can provide your clients with a tracking number and a link where they can follow up on the status of their order.
We blind-ship all of our packages, with our return address. The shipper name will appear simply as “Print Lab.”
Your order was shipped, but it can take up to 48 hours for tracking info to appear in the USPS tracking system. You might want to notify your customers of this possibility in your shipping emails to minimize confusion and inquiries.
We do not offer a standard packing slip. Instead, we have a manifest label that is included in each package and serves as the packing slip. We do not display pricing on this label.
Yes, you can upgrade the shipping speed after submitting an order. To do so, please contact us with the order number and your preferred upgraded shipping method. You will be charged the difference between the two shipping prices.
The default ship method is the method that we recommend, based on delivery times and shipping rates. If you do not pass a ship method with your orders, we will automatically ship it using this method. You are able to select any of the ship methods available by product.
Shipments outside of the United States may incur customs fees, depending on the destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors. Your client is responsible for these fees. These duties are paid to the appropriate customs agency by the end customer in each country.
Payment for you orders must be processed on your site, using your own eCommerce platform. You will need to set up a third-party payment processor on your site. Options for processing payments include PayPal,, Square, etc.
You may choose to sell your goods in any applicable currency. However, all of our pricing is listed in USD and your credit card will be charged in USD.
Circle Graphics (the parent company of CG Pro Prints) has a sales presence in the following states and is required to charge sales tax for orders shipped to these destinations: California, Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.

If you have a reseller license, please contact us for details on how to submit your license information.

Your transaction could have failed for one of several reasons. You may be able to tell from the response code provided, but only your credit card company or financial institution can tell you for sure. Here are some of the most common reasons for transaction failure:

* Incorrect credit card number or expiration date
* Insufficient funds or credit limit
* Expired credit card
* If your card was issued outside of the US, some credit card companies may reject international chargers
* The bank or credit card company could be experiencing technical issues when the order was processed
* If you’ve been shopping or placing multiple orders in a short amount of time, some banks will reject charges to prevent fraud

If your order has been rejected several times in a row, try waiting 24 hours and then resubmitting the order. If you continue to experience problems, please contact your financial institution.

Once an order has been printed, you are unable to change or cancel the order. If your order status says “In Production” you are unable to make changes. You may choose to cancel the order, and we will refund your shipping costs. To cancel an order, please contact us during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00a.m. – 6:00p.m MT).
We offer greyscale images for all of our products. You may download these from the product pages.
We do not offer custom messages or gift messages on orders at this time.
Returns will be returned to CG Pro Prints in Colorado. We will notify you of any orders that are returned to us so that you can contact your customer.
You are responsible for any addresses that are shipped to customers. UPS will typically return undeliverable and refused items to the return
address on the label. We will notify you of any orders that are returned so that you can contact your customer.
In the rare occasion that a product is damaged in shipping, please contact us for a replacement. Please be prepared to share photos of the damaged product. In most cases, returns are not necessary.
We offer a 100% guarantee on quality and workmanship for all of our products. If a product fails to meet quality standards, we will happily replace the product. We are unable to provide returns or refunds in cases where a customer may change their mind about an order.
We currently offer a Shopify plugin that will work directly with your CG Pro Prints Integrations account. With independent development support, you may submit orders using our RESTful API using any type of eCommerce platform or mobile app.