Focus on growing your business, not worrying about fulfillment or inventory management. We make it easy to seamlessly pass orders from your eCommerce store or app to our manufacturing facilities for printing and fulfillment.

What is an API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface. It allows two systems, like your eCommerce system and our web service, to communicate with one another. Your programmer can use the CG Pro Prints Integration API, to pass orders from your shopping cart to our manufacturing facility.
Configure your shopping cart to work with our API once, and forget inventory management once and for all.

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Who should use the API?

-Experienced developers
-Custom shopping cart users

What is an SDK?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It can be an implementation of an one or more APIs in the form of a library that can be used in development.

How do I get an SDK for my specific programming language e.g. Java?

To generate an SDK for a specific programming language utilize Swagger. Here is how:

Step One:
Go to the swagger online editor:

Step Two

Click on File -> Import URL…
Copy and Paste in the following url:

Step Three

Click on Generate Client->(then choose programming language like Java, PHP, Ruby)

The code will be generated and a zip file will be downloaded with the SDK for that programming language.